La audición de hoy: la primera en Nueva York! / The audition of today: the first one at NYC!

The Ansonia Building (AMDA)

The Ansonia Building (AMDA)

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Source of the image:


Ya son casi las 12 de la noche y estoy agotada! Fue un día largo e intenso… nos levantamos aprox a las 7AM y terminamos a eso de las 11PM.

Hoy temprano tuvimos la audición frente al Director Artístico de la Academia, la Head Voice y dos personas más que no sé quiénes eran (también de AMDA). Tuvimos que preparar una canción y un monólogo de 1 minuto cada uno. Bastante profesional la previa, vocalizando y entrando en calor.

Luego tuvimos algunos seminarios y al final del día fuimos todos a ver The Lamerie Project en un teatro muy lindo que queda en Brooklyn: BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

Estuvo muy bueno todo, y la academia es increíble, llena de estudios y pianos por todos lados y ultra profesional todo.

La gente por suerte súper buena onda!! Y hoy hablando con algunos, sintieron lo mismo que yo ayer, que escuchaban cantar a todos, también tuvieron un poco de pánico porque les parecía que todos eran muy buenos… así que no era la única que se sentía así!

Hay que sacarle el máximo provecho, como siempre debemos hacer en cada momento de nuestras vidas. En estos días quiero ir a ver sí o sí el musical de Mary Poppins de Disney, porque se termina en menos de 2 semanas y no me lo quiero perder! Dicen que está muy bueno. Quiero ir a ver todo! jajaja

Me despido con otra frase 🙂

No dejes que nadie te diga que no puedes hacerlo.




It´s almost midnight here…. in fact, it´s now more than midnight haha. It was almost midnight when I was writing this blog in Spanish 😉 Today it was a very large and intensive day… we woke up at approx. 7AM and we finished at 11PM.

Today, early, we had the audition in front of the Artistic Director of the Academy, the Head Voice and other two people that I don´t know who they were (but also from AMDA). We had to prepare a song and a monologue of 1 minute each. The preview was very professional, with a great warm up of the voice and body.

After that, we had some seminars and at the end of the day, we went to a theatre show at a very nice theatre in Brooklyn: BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

It was all great, and the academy is really awesome, full of studios and pianos everywhere, and everything in a very professional way.

Luckily the people here is really kind!! Today, after being talking with some of them, they told me that yesterday they felt the same as I felt, a little of panic because they also listened that everybody was singing so great… so I was not the only one who felt that haha 😉

We have to make the most of this, live it to maximum like every moment of our lives. During these days I would love to see Mary Poppins’ Musical because it will be closed in less than 2 weeks and I don’t wanna loose it! Everybody says that it’s really good. In fact, I want to go to see everything around here haha!

Tonight, I’m saying goodbye with this quote 🙂

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!




3 thoughts on “La audición de hoy: la primera en Nueva York! / The audition of today: the first one at NYC!

  1. ive been telling you that all along i told you your very talented from what ive seen you do your a star be who you can be and keep in touch i think your awsum jess

      • over where where your at if you look north east you see conneticut rhodeisland im right next to rhodeisland in massachusetts ive driven through where your at many times in my journeys in life your super talented balievein yourself you can light up a room with the twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face take care jess

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